Side Channel and Wire Guide Fabric Patio Blinds

With many styles of fabric Side Channel Blinds available, Crawley Blinds are sure to have one to suit all openings.  Operation of the blinds is carried out with springs, manually or motorised, also available are sun and wind sensors.   New to the motorised option is our Solar Powered Battery Motors with Remote Control Operation (available on selected systems only). Fabric choices range from the standard Dralon fabrics to Sunscreen Fabrics to our High Tensile Fabrics and also clear PVC.

Crawley Blinds and Awnings Spring Operated Side Channel Blinds are operated by twisting the bottom rail and raising or lowering the blind to the desired position.  A great entry level roll up fabric blind that does away with unsightly cords.

Crawley Blinds and Awnings Winder Side Channel blind system is the only system that is manufactured with a lock off mechanism built into the bottom rail allowing  for the blind to be stopped and locked off along the side channels, once the blind is locked off add tension to the fabric and this will help prevent the fabric from blowing out of the channels.  Side Channel Blinds without this feature will still billow in the breeze which in time may damage the fabric.

Crawley Blinds and Awnings Side Retention Blinds are specifically designed for alfresco entertaining areas such as patio’s, verandah’s, balconies etc.  The fabric is locked into the specially designed side channels greatly reducing the possibility of fabric blowout (all dependant on the style of Side Retention Blind used).  Incorporate an optional Cassette Headbox for a stylish and sophisticated finish.  Strong and durable Our choice of 3 different styles of Side Retention Systems offer protection from the sun, wet weather, UV rays, gusty winds and those pesky bugs.  Suited for a wide range of conditions, it is the perfect solution for any outdoor residential or commercial application.

Crawley Blinds and Awnings Wire Guide Blinds roll up and down along stainless steel cables either side of the blinds, this prevents the blinds flapping around in the breeze.  This style of blind is ideal for areas where side channels are not able to be used.

For more photos and ideas go to our Gallery.

For more information on Side Channel and Wire Guide Fabric Blinds, contact Crawley Blinds.

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