TROPICOOL Colour Bonded Awnings

Crawley Blinds and Awnings original TROPICOOL Colour Bonded Awnings were engineered by Crawley Blinds in conjunction with Valectro Industries in the 1980’s.  The TROPICOOL awnings were specifically engineered, designed and manufactured for strength and the ability to be able to stand up to the North Queensland climate.  Crawley Blinds is the ONLY company who manufactures the original TROPICOOL Colour Bonded Awnings to the original engineering specifications.

Available in our TROPICOOL Cyclone Hooded Style with standard panel sides, these also come with the option of closed sides.  Our TROPICOOL Cyclone Hooded Awnings can also be mitred around corners.  We manufacture these Awnings with extra support beams underneath the skin and double pop riveting the front of the Awning to prevent buckling of the panels which occurs when only 1 pop rivet is used.

Also available in our TROPICOOL range is the Tornado Fixed and Adjustable Louvred Awnings, the curved profile increases airflow through the blades, and there are no sharp edges.   Our Adjustable version is manufactured using all metal pins for strength and longevity, no plastics are used as plastics deteriorate with our climate.  We also use a fully enclosed gearbox so that no dirt, wasps/hornets, ants etc can get into the gears and cause problems with the working mechanisms.

Aeropop rivets are used to manufacture our original TROPICOOL Cyclone and Tornado Awnings, this is to prevent any reaction or corrosion between the 2 metals.

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